Wealth Management Institute Moscow


Core interests: wealth management research and praxis-oriented information provision:

Wealth Management Institute

  • Identification and specification of archetypal winning and loss-making wealth management scenarios;
  • Analysis of risks faced by high net worth individuals and successful risk mitigation techniques;
  • Elaboration and honing of optimum strategy-focused wealth management solutions;
  • State-of-play analysis of interaction between high net worth individuals and financial / other market operators;
  • Evaluation of affluent family interpersonal relationship, succession and child education models.

The main application areas and methods:Evgeni Tarassov

  1. For entrepreneurs: business coaching leading to the success capture and personal wealth structure reorganization;
  2. For high net worth individuals and their families: personal finance strategy planning / review and individual trainings;
  3. For financial / other sector companies: consulting projects — building mutually successful business around VIP / Premium segments.

Evgeni Tarassov — Head of Wealth Management Institute.